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The Plan
The Board of Education, with the guidance of the Financial Advisory and Audit Committee, has placed a renewal levy on the November 6, 2018 ballot.  This renewal, which is a combination of three expiring emergency levies, will not increase taxes and will allow the district to maintain current programs and services.  By combining these three existing and expiring levies into one issue, the district will save money in election expenses, while at the same time, allowing the voters to act on this issue again in 10 years.  This issue will not increase property owners taxes, even if property values rise.  The laws that govern school funding do not allow a school district to collect any more dollars than an issue was originally approved for by the voters.  If property values increase, the millage is adjusted down by the county to assure that no additional funds are collected, thus not increasing taxes.  
We urge you to vote YES on the North Royalton Schools Renewal Levy on November 6! 

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